Calm Down!

I have two big girl helpers. Sometimes they are actual help, (like chucking a diaper so I don't have to get up off the couch) other times they just repeat "calm down" a million times in the hopes the baby will just get it... and be quiet... so someone can continue watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Also, on a totally random and unrelated note: I will be making these in the near future. My kids enjoy the I Spy books- but seriously, those suckers are hard! So we need something a bit more age-appropriate. (for both girls and parents) Perhaps I will use this as the filler that I'm also making in the near future. (I bought neon food coloring for the occasion)


  1. Barry Bretton said, "That is so cute."

  2. The I Spy bottles are the best! We made them a couple of times and the kids both love them.

  3. I'm a friend to the fabulous Miss Rachel and a children's illustrator living in Brooklyn. I'm guilty of stalking your blog, but this video got me out of the woodwork. I always love seeing your kid moments. They are so funny and the kind of intimate every day I never get to see, not having kids of my own. They are so cute, even though I am sure they are such a handful. I love reading about your escapades.