Affront to Schedules Everywhere

I cannot believe I have not expressed my deep, blinding hatred for daylight savings time here yet! It gets me so upset! My Dad and I can banter back and forth about this for hours! (this may or may not drive my mother batty) I'm sure all of you parents out there feel my pain! Our house is very scheduled. (with twins, you really have to be) Naptimes are carved into stone. Bedtimes are our family's own pilgrimage to Mecca. My children sleeping predictably is more sacred than the Vatican. So when Uncle Sam tells me I have to disrupt all of my carefully planned and executed scheduling, I get more than a little miffed. In fact, I feel it is a personal injustice. They might as well just send me to Guantanamo for jaywalking. It's that bad of a malfeasance in my eyes. It's physically painful to think about having to change the clocks again in the fall! I simply cannot survive another Greek tragedy that is daylight savings time!

What chaps my hide even further is that I know this whole daylight savings fiasco is not something that has just been largely ignored or just forgotten in a corner somewhere. Congress actually dealt with it in the past few years! Changing the dates for the begin and end of savings time! They had the chance to just throw it out! And they didn't! They just tweaked it a bit and sent it on its merry way! GAH!

Here's an idea for the 2012 presidential race. Whoever runs on the platform of abolishing daylight savings time gets my vote! I don't care if they are from the communist party! I will vote for a freakin' Neo Nazi just to get rid of this blasted daylight savings time! Heck, I'd even vote for Sarah Palin. (You see how bad this is?! Under normal circumstances, I would rather bathe in sandpaper than vote for Sarah Palin!)


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you on this one! I used to make fun of silly old Arizona for doing away with Daylight Savings Time. Thought they were all just trying to be rebels. But then I realized just how LAME it all is! Someone told me once that they just started the whole Daylight Savings crap for the farmers, so they could have more hours of daylight to harvest their crops. But now they have all that great new fangled machinery to get it done in half the time. Honestly, let's move on AMERICA!

  2. WHOA! This is getting heated!!! I agree, and having a new baby and toddlers TOTALLY throws them off--STUPID!