At the End of the Day

I'm not sure what I expected of this day. I am not sure why I thought I could smack some big girl panties on them and just have them start using the potty! It seems so simple, so elemental! Of course, I understand that it's completely new to them- My head knows that. But every other fiber in my being wants to just shove all of this nonsense away and let them figure it out when they get to high school. Surely they could potty train themselves by then.

I feel utterly battle worn! How is it that parents potty train their kids... like all the time?! (I guess that's why there are a gazillion self-help books on the topic)
I'm really hoping tomorrow will be better. That someone will actually relieve themselves in the froggy potties! Because I am utterly bored! No one is getting it, and we are stuck here until they do! This seems like it could go on forever! I need some hope! (or a stiff drink!)

But even though I am frustrated beyond all reason, aren't they still adorable? I can't help but laugh at how excited they get to put on their "crunchy pants." (Those plastic waterproof pants seem to be from a bygone era)


  1. Hang in there. They will figure it out.

  2. I used the book "Potty training in less than a day" but in order to use that method you would 1. have to have Logan train them or 2. Logan would have to watch Gavin for a good 6 hours...but although they don't have it "perfect" by the end of six hours. They comprehend what it is they are suppose to be doing and usually show more effort in doing so. At least it did for all three of my kids...they still had accidents here and there for two weeks but not constantly...we could leave the house and usually survive it IF we were not going for long. After about 4 weeks they did much better...but I agree with Tara, hang in there they will get it.........eventually..

  3. awe...they look so cute!

    my best potty training advice...do a dance and party when they see you going potty. they'll want to join the party. ;)