Adventures in Potty Land: Day 1

Someone please shoot me.

I am convinced that a bullet to the head would be more enjoyable than trying to potty train the twins. Here's a little timeline for you.

8:00-10:30- Talking about where the pee pees and minkies go. How big girls do not need diapers. That big girls get to wear pretty panties.

10:30- Ooooh! We have pretty panties on!

10:31- Mommy finds a puddle on the floor.

10:33- We all want to sit on the potty!

10:35- Yet another puddle.

10:39- Girls seem to be a revolving door in and out of the bathroom.

10:52- Puddle! Puddle! Puddle!

... it just goes on like that. It ends with me slapping a diaper on the girls, putting them down for a nap, and throwing not one, not five, but ten whole wet panties into the washer.

Here's some other stuff that happened today. (I know... there's more! Astounding)

First I find this:
Lovely artwork, girls!

Then I notice this:
Um, girls? We need to keep the caps on the dry-erase pens, k?

Then my eye catches this:
GAH! It's happened again! But worse!

People are quite curious what the "twin language" sounds like. It goes something like this:


  1. 3 Funny Things about your post!

    1) Pretty sure I hear Super Mario Brothers in the background (good therapy for any potty training mom!)

    2) We used to have 4 chairs, due to marker issues we only have TWO!

    3) I had about the same potty training moment and now Hope is sleeping in her bed IN A DIAPER!!!!!!

  2. No worries! It will happen...or we'd all still be in diapers! :)

    And I'm pretty sure that twin talk was "we totally know how to pee in the potty, but it's fun watching mommy go crazy" Ü

  3. You caught me, Whit. There WAS super mario in the background. Only way I could keep myself from bashing my head against the wall while swiffering the latest puddle.