Yes, I'm Yelling!

I yell at my son's umbilical cord stump. Mostly things like "get off that adorable little tummy!" and, "don't you dare snag and hurt my little boy!" and also, "why the crap are you bleeding again?!" and let's not forget, "I'm so tired of swabbing you with alcohol- you suck, stump!"

It's been... um... eight, nine, twelve, seventeen days already! What is the deal?! I know it's hanging on there just to spite me. And while I can't exactly remember through all the haze of having twins, I'm pretty sure the girls' came off sooner than this! And certainly didn't bleed so often! Auck! I just want it off! I want to at least put a band-aid on it! But that is a crime punishable by death or something... or so I've heard from friends, and the internet, and the doctor.

Can I just say again... I hate this stump!

Ah, that was nice and cathartic.

Also, the pink wrap situation has been duly rectified.
(Thanks, Mom!)


  1. Evan's stayed for almost a month!!! It was creepy and gross. Norah's was gone in a week... You know what they say about boys: Snails, stumps and puppy dog tails!

  2. Did you doctor say anything looked abnormal about it at any visits up to this point? Does it stink or weep at all or when you pull up on it does it still look like a tube underneath instead of all dried out? I am just asking because when Brahm was born he had some issues with the stub because it wasn't burnt off right (probably because the nurses were all frazzled because he wasn't breathing:) and when he was 8 weeks old he had to have surgery to remove it. Which may I add I thought the doctor was nuts when he told me my 8 week old was having surgery. So keep it as clean as you can and look out for anything you think is weird. I know you are probably just venting and Brahm's case was really rare but if you want me to take a look at it to see if it looks like Brahm's did I will.

  3. just like the thorn on the rose dangit! not too pretty are they!?!? he sure is though.

  4. If you can get your hands on some bentonite clay (it's a powder you sprinkle on), it will dry it up right away & cause stumpy to fall off. Goldenseal salve will also work. Sometimes using alcohol on it will keep it moist & therefore cause it to hang on longer than it would if you just leave it be. I know it's hard to do though.