The Crazy Lady and Me

So the other day I watched as a lady with a full-on fur coat (a massive fur coat at that) waltzed into Sam's Club. Not only did she have a gigantic fur on (when it was around 60 degrees outside) she paired it up with a white t-shirt, skin tight heather grey leggings, and gold lame heels. Crazy lady.

Then the mean voice in my head told me to look down at my really old hoodie (probably from high school- I've got at least three) and non-fitting maternity jeans. (in my defense- I don't want to try on my real jeans- my self esteem cannot take that right now- even though maternity pants don't really cut the mustard either) Oh, and I can't forget the crazy split ends my hairs are sporting!

But I still think fur lady is a few steps up the crazy ladder than me. Because it's just Sam's Club after all. (...right?) And isn't frumpy, ill-fitting clothing the hallmark of the new mommy? I'm sure this all will pass. (...right?)

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