Ding! Ding! Ding!

... We have a winner!

Aha! It has only taken an obscene amount of internet searching to find a suitable (non-suit) outfit for little one! It can be found here. It gets bonus points for having a great name too! It's been an exhaustive search. I'm glad it's over.

For you poor souls who are stuck in the same boat as me with very few acceptable options, I've compiled a list of some ideas for you. (you are welcome, adoring fans) I guess I should run this by the hubby before clicking the BUY FREAKING NOW button... so I suppose this is still "pending approval" but anyway, I digress...

This option has more accessories than I can shake a stick at- and I love shaking my sticks!

This option looks promising. But I would still like to see it in person to make a real assessment. And the website it's on looks hokey. Minus two points.

This option is super simple, but I think it's elegant, and may have more of a lifespan as a normal outfit or pieces for an ensemble.

Happy shopping!


  1. THANK YOU!!!!!! I just LOVE that outfit and can't wait to see him in it. Is it tacky to buy the same outfit for my bundle of boy too? That is just what I have in mind for my summer baby. I can' wait to look at the other links. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nope! Not tacky at all! I hope it will be warm enough for him to wear it. Psh! I forgot- I live on the surface of the sun!