The Stump Saga Continues

Ugh. The stump. It did stop bleeding, to its credit. But it went from that... to goopy. The gobilty goop was getting all over little one's clothes. I had just had it! So I put a band-aid on it. (gasp!) The next day, I took off the band-aid and then ran for the phone. It was worse. So much worse. I left a semi-frantic message for the doctor and pretty much glued the phone to my person so I wouldn't miss the call.

Finally got an appointment. The nurse on the phone seemed to be surprised the stump was still there. (not comforting) So my freakout kind of hopped on the express train and ordered a salad. My baby's stump was infected. I was sure of it. (All those hours of watching House, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Mystery Diagnosis... pretty much gives me an MD in my delusional mind)

Before stuffing the cute bundle of sweetness into the car, I decided to change his diaper. The doctors always check the diaper... at like every visit. There's nothing worse than the appearance that you never change your child because they dropped an epic one in the waiting room.

And guess what?! The stump fell off! Half an hour until the appointment... and I was seriously debating! Do I just call and say never mind, we're cool! Or schlep into the office 'just to be sure'... even though there could be a pretty significant wait cooped up in those tiny exam rooms.

I went with option two. I even kind of apologized, convinced I was one of "those moms" who checks their kids into the ICU for a cough. But I told her why I called. (icky goop!) and she actually listened. Then I told her the stump fell off already. So sorry for coming in anyway. But she took a look at it and said something like "mmm, yep. It's schmulpulty-doctor-terminology-that-always-sounds-like-death/cancer."

I was shocked. There was actually something wrong. Waaaa? She put some silver stuff on it to "re-cauterize" (ooooh... that sounds like a good time!) and said if it didn't get better he'd need surgery. (insert heart dropping to the floor here) We're already looking at a little procedure for tiny man down the road for something else entirely. So this makes me a wee bit worried.

I knew that stump was a trouble-maker!


  1. Dang it Ashley! I lived this almost exactly two years ago. It sucks. I really hope the siver nitrate works for Gavin unlike Brahm. If not I am an expert on what to expect:)

  2. Sad. SO what exactly happened? I didn't realize things could go wrong with those pesky stumps!

  3. It just isn't a belly button. Part of it fell off, but the belly button isn't formed and there's gooky stuff in there. (I didn't see it for too long, and didn't want to poke around in there too much.
    I REALLY hope the silver works, but today it isn't looking very promising. :(

  4. Now I am terribly nervous I need to take Sophia in...we have tooo many similarities and coincidences with our pregnancies...Our our children destined to marry? Ugh...I am still having trouble with Sophia's the stump fell off about a week ago but it was bleeding and goopy and then all of a sudden the goop was "hard" when it fell off so I still put alcohol on it but then it went crusty brown and realized it was dried blood. it still has some there even though I keep cleaning it...I see her ped in two weeks. Ugh...do I wait? Now I am worried...guess I will be calling Monday since it is after hours now...

  5. yikes!! that is uber scary! we'll definitely keep the little guy in our prayers!!