Now with less snap!

Came to a very unfortunate conclusion yesterday. I am not, nor will I ever be, one of those women whose body just snaps back into place after having a baby. I'm sure you've all seen them. They are out and about two days after giving birth with the same rock hard abs they had before they were pregnant. Two days after having a baby- all I had was rock hard boobs. And that sucked. Somehow those women hit the genetic jackpot.

I wandered into a store yesterday- with all three kids in tow... I was on a mission. (have we already covered my affinity for buying things when I'm sad? Yes? Ok then.) All the cute outfits I've been salivating over while being the size of a whale still don't fit. So I guess I'll be wearing my ill-fitting maternity wardrobe for a little bit longer. (now is the time I curse the waiting 6 weeks to work out rule about c-sections) If I'm going to be stuck in my same old stuff- I'm going to buy accessories- because accessories always fit. No matter if you have a huge apron made of skin hanging off your belly.

My new funeral shoes are the hotness. The new replacement sunglasses are also so fierce it's practically painful. (Did I mention I lost my other pair of sunglasses? Before going into the hospital, I put my head companions in a really safe place. It's so safe- that I can no longer locate them) The new pair, my new favorite cranium-dwellers, are Dior. And more than I have spent on sunglasses in my life. And no one is allowed to tell the husband how expensive they are. (we all clear, internet?!)
Crappy picture. But when the fans ask for more- I generously give.

And I picked up a pair of patterned tights. Hopefully the tights will say "Hey! Look over here! Ignore the pregnancy dress! Look at this chick's legs! They're amazing!" (they are)


  1. can we see pics of the awesome shoes and hot sunglasses? purrr-leaze? ;)

  2. oh, and i didn't get a chance to say i'm really sorry about your grandpa. i dunno what i'd do if i lost mine. i'd be a mess. here's a big fat cyber hug for you!

  3. Gotta love the skin apron.... gag. George and I decided that when we're rich and famous, I get the mommy plastic surgery and he can get a motorcycle.

  4. kids do a number on your bod!!! I hate to sayit Brandi is one of those women to loathe- it's simply not fair- she was wearing skinny jeans- 10 days after birth! I gave birth 16 months ago and my 'transition' jeans are snug! grrr!what the h$#l? ugh! us normal women, well, let's accesorize! can't wait to see your hot stuff!! and patterned tights are the best! love it! you are amazing!

  5. ooooooo, i'm totally drooling over the shoes AND the glasses! i need new sunglasses; my son broke my favorite pair ever! i almost cried, but i was surrounded by people. thanks for the pics!