So-Worth-It Splurges: Baby

Sometimes a splurge is just bound to happen. (one can only be "frugal" and "responsible" so long before the wallet explodes!) So make the temporary insanity worth it!

Seriously, $10 per burp cloth is insanity. It's ridiculous. It's akin to highway robbery. (at least that's what I thought) Luckily my mom saw me gazing lustfully at the awesome prints and bought a pack for me. (I love my Mommy!) And now I would gladly pay double that for the quality and absorbency! The awesome prints are just the tip of the iceberg. I have to throw them for a second cycle in the dryer to get these babies dry! They don't get all crusty-spitty-gross as fast, which means less laundry for me! That makes craftymommy happy. (Vegasites can find these at Love Bug Baby- my new favorite store!)

#2: Carseat Canopies!

The OB's office is a great place to find more baby gear to drool over. I was too shy to bother a clearly busy Mom to ask here where she got hers. However, my Sherlock-esque mind, keen in the powers of deduction, led me to the internet. Hop on over to etsy and type "carseat canopy" into the search. There's a plethora to choose from. I LOVED the little girl ones- tons of bows and cuteness. As always, you have to look a little harder, but cute boy prints can be had. (I just ordered one- and am currently stalking the mail lady in anticipation of its arrival)

#3 Studioj Online Scrapbooking!

The first few months (or years) of a child's life go by like a blur, and there's so many pictures. Being able to drag and drop pictures into beautiful layouts is a joy not unlike the little one sleeping overnight for the first time. You could spend ten minutes or longer to do a layout! No need to drag out the supplies, clean up supplies, or devote a whole room to the process! The finished product is beautiful, way better than even on the computer screen (imagine that- something looks better than my uncleaned, fingerprint laden screen) It is coming in Spring, though. So bookmark that page and check back periodically. You can see a few examples over at the Mom's blog.

#4: Bella Tunno Binkers!

It may be a silly thing, but I want my kids tethered to their binkies. They seem to have a very well thought out escape plan from my child's mouth. I've tried the knockoffs at Target, and they are simply a cheap imitation of the original binkers. Bella Tunnos are worth every penny of the $8 price. And who could resist the great ribbon patterns and colors?! No one! That's who!
I just don't get how these are so hard to find! I know the "safety police" probably think these are death traps- but my kids are all still alive! So phooey on the nay-sayers!

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