- I'm using ! waaaaaay too much. My theory is the sleep deprivation from long nights and long days is forcing me to exclaim! my way through life in an effort to keep myself awake. Please bear with me until the !-ing subsides!

- I have heard that some of you loyal readers are in search of Little Man's amazing photoshoot pictures. So to be clear- they can be found here. (I know! That's really my baby- aren't they gorgeous?)

- I have been on a posting bender lately. Again, I blame the sleep depravity and the crazy amounts of caffeine and brownies I'm consuming. I've developed a tic; posting on my blog in massive quantities. I'm not sure when this will slow down, (imagine how crazy things must be up inside my head! You don't want to go in there- trust me) but please enjoy the ride... or ignore this crazy lady talking to herself.

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  1. He has the cutest little mouth I've ever seen. What DARLING photos.