Dr. Conversations

Me: But there has to be something wrong! I am dizzy and lightheaded all the time.

(background: I just had a baby and I was so sure my incision was infected that I landed myself in the doctor's office. Infection seems to be my go-to answer for everything these days)

Doctor: What have you eaten today?

Me: Um... let's see... what time is it? Oh, 3? Well... I've had three Diet Cokes and a dinner roll...

Doctor: Do I really need to tell you the problem?

.... touche la doctora!

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  1. This was so me 2 days ago. I had a large DC from Burger King and ran a bunch of errands (solo, G had the babe) and was doing stuff around the house and hadn't had anything to eat. I was shaky and dizzy..... yeah. But it was worth it to have silence and a large DC.