Why do boy clothes have to be so difficult? Why do I need so much retail therapy to keep from going crazy? Why does everything I love have to be so hard to find?

There's a lot of whys.

I cannot control my enthusiasm for the tea collection.

I am having a very hard time finding the perfect blessing outfit for the little one. The husband is heartily opposed to putting his boy in a gown, and I am heartily opposed to the stuffy suits that seem to be the only other option. I need clean lines. And I hate bow ties.


  1. uhhhhh there is noooo hope! they have some that have ties! Dillards I think- three piece suits that are pretty snazzy (did I just say snazzy?) ok yes they are pretty cool. I'll keep and eye out!

  2. you like the tea collection? me too!!! You should also check out mini Boden (while you're spending money and everything??)

  3. I feel your pain times 3!!! I can just tell you as soon as I find out I'm having a boy I look for the blessing outfit. Gap and Janie and Jack have good stuff but it's a search. Good luck and buy the tea collection... love it too!

  4. O.M.G. Whit! This is why I post stuff like this on my blog. I am now in love with mini boden! Ahhh! The cuteness!
    And Lacie- no on suits of any sorts! But thank you, love!
    Onward with the searching!