Dear Valued Blog Reader:

I must apologize for my complete and utter "phoning in" of the content around here lately. (not to mention the vast amount of grammatical and spelling errors) I am out-to-here pregnant, and I'm a whiner. I've tried not to let all the complaining and pessimism spread to the internet, but I'm afraid that it's simply too hard to be pithy and hilarious these days. (I am just the picture of humility, aren't I?) I've tried to take pictures and movies of the adorable children, but then loading them from camera to computer just seems so strenuous...

Compound this to the fact that my life is filled with doctors' appointments for craftybaby twice a week, and the kids keep tossing around some sort of random illness back and forth, I'm pretty much spent. I want to get on the computer to read everyone else's posts. (which you should all crank out at unbelievable speed to satisfy my hunger for entertainment from the outside world, btw)

I'll try and keep up with some aimless and arbitrary letters scrunched together to form words to at least make it seem like I haven't abandoned the blog completely. And be prepared to shield yourself from the crazy rantings of the very pregnant. At least know that I'm not perched on a ledge ready to jump or anything... I'm pretty sure (at least I have been reassured) that we will all make it through these next couple months. (I'm really clinging to that old catchphrase "whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" and am preparing to morph into SuperWoman any day now)

Much Appreciation,


Addendum: This made my day so much better- and being pregnancy themed made it all the more hilarious for me. There. This post is now officially entertaining.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better you are doing FAR better than myself in the area of bloggin...