The thing about buying in bulk:

is that you stock your garage into complacency. There are always more tubs of Clorox wipes, boxes of dryer sheets, and piles of paper towels just waiting in the wings for the moment you pull out the last one. There is no need to think about these items any more. They never find their way onto any shopping lists... until at least 6 mos. down the road. (or more!)

The real trouble here is that there's always another roll of TP out there.... until there's not. And that is bad. Very bad, my friends.

I don't know who snagged the last roll and didn't think to put it on the list, (although I have a pretty good idea!) but now I'm starting to wonder about the wisdom of stockpiling necessities like it's 1999.

But those gigantic warehouse stores are just.... heavenly. There's nothing like buying 150 loads of fabric softener along with a box of 80 Boca Burger patties. And did I mention the double-kid (twin-friendly) shopping carts?! It's like I am their exact target market.

Ok, now I've talked myself back into it. Fantastic.

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