Hey There, Body!

Please explain to me why the "symptoms" of pre-term labor are also just the crappy part of the third trimester?

Lower back pain? Uh, yeah.
Contractions? (more than 5/hr) Sometimes!
Pelvic pressure? How about everytime I stand up?!
Cramping? Ouch, yes.

I can fully convince myself I am in labor just about everyday. And yet... I am not even close to being dialated! (says the doc... although I think she may just be lying to me... I'm sure there's a conspiracy theory here somewhere...)

[insert shifty eyes here]


  1. oh the joys of eminent birth! ;) you are too funny!

  2. So, I find it funny because my Dr. asks the same questions...and I know he wants to watch the contractions carefully because of the medication I am on...but I just feel like telling him tomorrow...ya know...I don't worry about them because it nevers amounts to anything...if anything happens it will be after my water breaks before I take the contractions seriously...LOL and once my water breaks I have an hour tops...sigh...