Tutorial on Boy Clothes

The difference between baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes? The girl section is usually ten times bigger, and you could pretty much throw a dart in there and find at least a few cuter than adorable outfits. The boy section? A no-man's land of crapitty crap crap. So I have decided to give all you shoppers out there a few pointers when shopping for the manchild in your life. Hopefully this will get all the major retailers to up their act and give us something better! Let's demand it! So anyway, this would also help the fair mother when she goes on grandchild driven shopping sprees. (love ya, mom!)

1) Avoid text of almost every kind. This includes, but is not limited to, "Little Slugger," "Mommy's Little Monster," and "Handsome Little Devil."

2) Too much baby blue really is a problem. Try earth tones. And stripes. Stripes are always good.

3) Movie/Disney paraphanalia. (this goes for the girls too) Clothiers seem to think that every boy for the history of all time loves the movie Cars. I do not understand this. Perhaps our nation is being overrun by redneck, mullet-sporting, NASCAR fans? This is a scary future I want no part in, thankyouverymuch.

4) A few themes I have found very fun: spaceships/space in general, vintage-inspired transportation, sock monkeys, nautical (think more eastern seaboard), robots! And did I mention stripes?! See Petit Lem for examples. Pretty much anything from here is more than acceptable. Use it as a benchmark.

5) Never underestimate the stately-ness of a good knit. It can be plain, but hotdarned is a good knit sweater ever a find! Add a hood and front pocket- and you've got a deal, my friend!

6) No SPORTS! None! (sorry, sports-loving-husband. No way, no how. Just be grateful I am giving you a boy. Be happy with that)

I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired, so I'll be back later to add on. Happy shopping fellow boy-baby toters!


  1. Don't be so quick to discount Cars (although not on clothing) I have a girl and have a boy who both fell in love with that movie. Not to mention, if I had to get stuck on a show- it is one worth getting stuck on. OK, so not so much on clothes, but worth checking out!

  2. Howdy Ashley! :) I had to come out of lurking to applaud your boy clothing crusade- it's a sports-themed jungle out there! And I hope you knocked on wood before knocking "Cars"- we watch it twice a day. No joke. No joke at all.