Because I said so

I simply cannot deal with buying a new car right now. I am literally on the verge of a breakdown just thinking about it. If I'm going to have to deal with car salesmen, then I need to be properly medicated beforehand.
Being pregnant prevents this. And I'm fairly certain I will either slap someone hard across the face, cry like a baby, or make a scene screaming obscenities at any car dealership we happen to be in.

Sooo... we're going to avoid it all until my hormone levels are back to a more normal-ish range. (it's still going to be crazy Ashley no matter how you slice it- or medicate it) Yes, buying a car is that nerve wracking for me. We've done it three times in our marriage, and it almost killed me every time... and we got flatly ripped off a couple times there.

In order to do this, we will be purchasing three new carseats to make our current car work for the time being. Apparently the four (yes, four) infant carriers in my garage are too wide, and we need to invest in thinner toddler seats for the girls too. I am trying to be positive about this. I have a serious love for picking out just the right seat fabric pattern. It's fantastic, I love it.

And if any of you out there either (a) want to buy our current ride or (b) know of a non-greasy car salesmen in the area- let me know!


  1. Take your dad with you--he is the ultimate car man. Maybe I should come down and help you buy one!! Sound good?

  2. http://www.skjp.com/product/97556/165XX/_/Radian65SL%26%23174%3B

    Get one (or 3) these. We have two (one for my car and one for the hubby's) and love it. For a slightly higher price you can get it in pretty pink. :)

  3. You should just come down anyway and play, Whit!