New Year's Resolutions

I kinda hate new year's resolutions. I never really do them (or even put in that much effort), and I then feel guilty about it. So I'm taking a different approach to a new year this go around.

I am lowering the bar for myself.

As long as I make it through 2010 alive, with all three children and husband in tow- I will call it a victory. I am making it ok to say "no" to things that would clutter up my calendar. (no matter how worthy and lovely these things may be) And I'm not going to feel bad about it. I am going to make my sanity that much more valuable.

I will probably be late for everything, stop making anything in the oven and rely solely on the microwave, and people will probably start mocking the "crafty" part of the "ashley" openly. (although they have more than enough reason to do so already)

Sorry if you were expecting the motivating, wind-beneath-my-wings kind of post. I hope I haven't deflated anyone's momentum. (I'm sure January gym memberships won't suffer)

It's not that I'm crazy, or a really lazy slacker- I would like to lose the baby weight quicker than last time, (two freakin' years) I'm just not going to worry about it this year. If it happens, great. (It will probably be the result of a more relaxed and happy mommy.) But if not- I'll have a Weight Watcher's pamphlet at the ready for next year.


  1. I love it! I'm sure this will be a great year for you!

  2. i am so with you, ashley! my goal is to NOT go in the hospital all of 2010. if i can do that, my year will have been a smashing success!