Notes to self:

I want to make a birthday banner. (You know, with all the free time I have, abundant amounts of energy, and crazy sewing prowess- HA!) Not only does this look completely adorable, I will be shoving all three of the kids' birthdays into one super-fest-birthday. This ability to knock out all the birthdays in one day- only planning one kid party a year pretty much makes up for the fact that it's right after Christmas. (yep, soak that all in... one party a year... awesome)

Check out this Mobba place. I registered, but didn't really get into it with both hands. The girls started fighting over the pigeon book.... again. (Another note: get more Pigeon books) But it looks like it could be fun- and probably dangerous.

Jump on these owl ornaments as soon as we finish unwrapping presents! I want to buy all new ornaments. (of course when they are all on clearance!) Why? Why buy all new ornaments, you ask? Because I have boxes of glass ornaments... and I'm thinking that at some point I'll get brave and set up the tree. But I will never brave glass ornaments with toddlers/baby/tile floor. Never.

The bedding is here! The bedding is here! Buying backordered crib bedding on cyber monday was a real risk. I was practically calling everyday to make sure it would not be re-backordered. Bringing baby boy home to a pink frilly girl crib would have been a tragedy. Crisis averted!
Now all we have to do is screw in the frame, bring in the matress from the loft, and put the yummy new bedding in there! Then, wham! Ready for baby-time!

And speaking of baby-time... I need to look into these magnificent silicone bottles. I dug up the girls' bottles. I did like our Dr. Brown's set, but all the assembly and dis assembly was annoying. (not to mention cleaning all the extra parts) My favorites were the set of Second Nature bottles. However, the baby store stopped carrying them, and the nipples break a lot.
Not to mention both of the above boxes of bottles I have are NOT bpa free. And while the girls survived, and I'm a little iffy on the science of this scare, I can't just ignore it. So a third set of bottles will be bought. (more purchasing fun to be had!)

And this has to be the awesomest gift idea ever! (mentally filing this one away!)

Ok... Now, everyone... out of my head.

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