A Big Super Why

The girls are getting older, and I thought it was time to step up their educational television a few notches from learning about the letter F to maybe, actually reading. So I threw on some Super Why to test the waters of the girl's attention span. (I have seen snippets and knew it involved reading of some sort) So I taped a few on the DVR and the girls are now rabid SW fans. Rabid. (watch out for the foamy-mouthed children) The problem? I actually watched a whole show. And now I want to bang my head against a wall. Perhaps the girls are learning, but I am pretty certain that I'm losing brain cells here. It's up to near Barney mind-sucking proportions. It hurts, people. It hurts. No more than 30 seconds after turning the show on, the incredibly lame theme song is circulating in my head.... ouch.


  1. At least Super Why tells a story...Curious George can't even talk! lol

  2. That's the draw to George- no annoying talking! I can ignore it a whole lot more! :)

  3. I'm all Super Why'd out too! Try Word World, it has a catchy little tune that will get stuck in your head all day!!