The Wave is Back

If you may recall, our household was turned upside down in the summer with the announcement of a little bundle on the way. Our daily visits to the park, to visit friends, regular household cleanings, and the meticulously prepared meals went out the window. (ok, so that last one was kind of a joke) The TV was turned on, large collections of cartoon DVDs bought, and the freezer was stuffed to the gills with microwave dinners. Not the proudest of parenting moments, I must say. But mommy was clinging to life over the porcelain throne, and there was no other way to get through the day.
Then late in the second trimester, things were looking up. Showers and makeup became a more regular occurrence! But it was too late. The kids were addicted... to TV. From the time they wake up in the morning, until bedtime, they are planning the movie schedule of the day. (It usually goes: Movie George, Elephant Movie, Animals, Llama, and Potter) Now I have to continuously work at keeping the kids distracted from the fact that TV is off.

... and I've recently given up the fight. The movies are practically streaming 24/7, the freezer is packed with frozen meals, and I am tired. The new, fun, super-tired phase has hit me. Growing a whole person really does take it out of you. Ugh. Back to my minimal survival techniques.

Someone please tell me the girls' IQ points aren't flying out the window in a vortex of Curious George, Harry Potter, and Horton Hears a Who.

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  1. you are fine!!!! Hailyn watches Lost and so you think you can dance with us and she looooves it (proud mommy moment? uhhh maybe not!) but this girl can shake it- talks up a storm and climbs actively on everything (survival skills learned from LOST) so we think its ok! teaches verbal skills?