The Rundown

One big event down! Only two more to go! This is the season of Christmas-twins' birthday-baby. And getting ready for all three while having fun is a lot for this tired preggo.

...I would like to emphasize the fact that we took down and packed all the holiday decor- IN TEN MINUTES. It makes being called a scrooge so worth it.

...The girls had a fantastic Christmas. We were excited to give them a big gift this year that we knew they had been lusting after at friend's houses. Until they opened the little barking dogs from their Out of State Grandma. There's always a star of the show, and the puppies were it. Three year olds don't care how much you spend. They will find a favorite toy and cling to it all morning.

...Uncle Trent gave them "big girl" cell phones (and by that I mean they aren't covered in squishy plastic and have a 3+ sticker on the box- no iphones for my toddlers) and it was the favorite toy at Grandma's unwrapping party. So the puppies and phones have followed us everywhere today.

...I ate lots of Cheesecake. And I'm not sorry.

...Super Mario Wii is not made for husband/wife teams. It got brutally competitive. (If he pushes me into the lava one more time...) I should probably play video games alone from now on.

...The girls now wake up in the morning and ask (1) when we are going to grandma's and (2) if they can open more presents.

...Coming up on the 1 month mark to baby's arrival and I have been procrastinating one big thing- how we are going to transport our whole family in one car. This entails finding the perfect (larger) car, selling our old perfect (too small) vehicle, and having to deal with car salesmen... this ranks as #1 on my "I don't want to do it so much, I will take the bus" list. It's all too much pressure. But I think we might want to drive the baby home from the hospital- I don't think they let you store your newborn in the nursery like layaway until you are fully vehicularly prepared. Although I may just ask anyway.

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  1. lol! about the car thing. that IS a major pain, but having the new car is way fun. speaking from recent experience. glad you guys had a great christmas!