Today I went out and got a copy of It Sucked and Then I Cried by Dooce creator Heather B. Armstrong. I was so very excited to start reading it that as soon as I got home I put a cheese sandwich on the stove and then... walked away... to read the first chapter. Of course this is before remembering to flip the sandwich and then remove it from the flames. Super Why was occupying the little ones- who are sick and cranky- and I sat in the corner gobbling up this book.

Super-burned sandwiches for lunch anyone? Yum. I think we all knew they weren't going to eat the sandwiches anyway, right? So no loss there.

But seriously, pick up this book. Especially you partners-in-pregnancy. I've only read a few chapters and I love it. More of the blogs that I love to read need to write books. I love books! Reading books keeps me from gluing myself to the computer- and I get to feel a wee bit intellectual. (because watching endless hours of Super Why, Curious George, and Ratatouille really sucks that intellectual feeling right out of you)

Yay for reading books lacking illustrations and involve more than one sentence per page!


  1. nicely said! I'll have to read that one! soooo do you love to read my blog- is that a hint or someone elses'? regardelss I am ALMOST done with my book- then you can read it- and hate it- but read it first! haha- anyhow yea for chapter books;)

  2. lol! reading saves my sanity. that, and chocolate....

  3. Do you read her blog? Because I thought the book was basically a rehash of her blog, which kind of irritated me.