Is it Friday Yet?!

I saw it coming. I watched it go circling around my facebook friends. Sickness. I stayed indoors as much as possible. (I'm now kicking myself for allowing the girls to go to nursery... EVER) I was getting kind of cocky about not getting sick. My kids were the picture of health. We were gonna make it.

But of course, the stuff goes through everyone else... and then lands in our house... just in time for Christmas. (craptastic)

If ever there was a case to be made for living the life of a hermit- this was it.

Sick or not- I'm still ecstatic for Christmas to get here already. I built the large toys last night. (fun picture: hugely pregnant woman sitting on tile floors in the middle of the night assembling a large plastic kitchen by herself... and dislocating her hips in the process- ouch)
But the joy that I am expecting to resonate from their little faces is making this waiting almost unbearable. I am tempted to just whip the stuff out right here, right now.

On another less grumpy/whiny note- Can I get a big HURRAY for medicine that comes on dissolvable strips?! Why doesn't everything toddlers despise come in strip-form? Like broccoli!

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