My Love of Tracking Numbers

Tis the season to become a manic internet shopper! I personally cannot stay off of Amazon for one single second (mostly thanks to tot bargains) The Christmas presents & random delicious things I must have keep rolling in. After you have small children (or twins) you start to really see the value in shopping for everything online. No lines, no wrestling children into strollers and navigating teeny tiny aisles. And most importantly, not a big deal if you have to "save" your cart and come back to it later. On a good day, the girls have a meter in any given store. Once it's out- there is no more hope of productive shopping and an immediate exit strategy is required.

So... back to the point. My inbox is full of emails mostly titled "Item shipped." And- if a store wants me to like them- they will give me a handy little tracking number. I am addicted to tracking my packages, people. It's a sickness. I relish every minute piece of information. (for instance: one of the girls' new toys left Cincinnati last night at 8:50pm.... always good to know) These little numbers are so cherished to me for at most a week. Unless it is a "tracking number" from the regular post office. These are completely useless. And don't even get me started when a company sends a package FedEx with a layover to the postal service! Maddening. No tracking ability + more confusion = sadness.

I'm not sure why this all warranted a whole post and whatnot. But now you know what I'm doing at this very minute... tracking a bunch of boxes on the UPS website. (go brown!)

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  1. How funny! I've been anxiously tracking orders from Amazon as well. In fact, I'm a little concerned about the post office delivery for one of my gifts. As you said, the tracking is useless, so I don't know what to expect. UPS is much better. Here's to hoping everything gets here in time!