Some Items

1. The kids are on a hunger strike. Nobody is ever hungry around here! I've offered all sorts of yummy goodness and they've all met their untimely demise down the disposal. They have been eating less and less the past week, but today has been the worst. The Squirt has not had one bite of food all day so far, and The Bunny has only eaten a few apricot halves (although she pronounces it "capripots"... adorable)

2. In an effort to be less behind the times, I have started using Google Reader- and love it. That is why the blog looks so streamlined. So don't be offended, I am still reading everyone! (although I must complain about the lack of posting lately! I'm doing my part! Try and keep up, people!

3. Update on the pregnancy cravings: Apples! Apples! Apples!

4. I recently had someone ask why I don't have any pictures of myself up lately. Answer? I'm big and huge and pregnant. There is no "good angle" for me these days, and my lack of motivation to take a shower and do my hair further cements the no pictures rule.

5. I'm knitting again. I made the new baby a couple of hats, then decided the girls may feel left out. So I started a scarf. (the plan is to make two identical scarves) Has anyone else noticed just how long scarves are?! It's insane! I'm almost done with the first one- but sheesh! I don't know if I can really get up the nerve to start another! There are not enough Grey's Anatomy episodes to occupy me while I make this beast! (never mind the fact that I probably should pay attention to the actual kids once and a while...)


  1. Love Google Reader! And I'm still enacting the no pictures rule. Seriously, will I ever get my body back?

  2. You two stop! You both look great! And Ashley, I am really trying to get on the blog posts. I vow to get better and I have another recipe to throw your way, too. Whew, I better slow down!

  3. So good to hear someone else’s kids are food abstainers too. Caedyn goes so long sometimes I wonder if I should call CPS on myself. . .

  4. Oh man, there is no way to live without Google Reader. Best invention ever.