So I may be a hippie. I started recycling because I was sure there was a landfill out there especially dedicated to our family's tossed diapers. (a landfill that will continue to expand after craftybaby gets here) Seriously, I did a calculation when the girls were young with the stats of the diaper consumption that was going on in our house. It was ridiculous. The financials of the thing were terrifying. I felt bad about singlehandedly turning the world into a garbage dump. In an effort to make myself feel a bit less of a poseur-hippie, I signed up for the local recycling program.

After waiting for ages for the back ordered recycle bins, we quickly learned that the recycling truck skips our budding neighborhood entirely, and we would end up with a pile of crap on our sidewalk. It didn't matter how many calls/emails/complaints were made, they refused to come pick up the recycling. Slightly bummed, I moved on.

Until! More homes were built up around us, and I noticed their recycling was getting picked up. So I started being the recycling nazi once again. (much to the husband's disappointment) I simply cannot put into words the rush I get when I can put something in the recycling bin rather than the regular, stinky trash. And I often remind the husband of this fact whenever he insists on throwing the milk carton into the trash can.

Let me tell you, it has reduced our trash pile by at least 70%. We barely have one bag in the trash, instead of the usual 4-5 bags stacked precariously in and around the large can. Besides the hot-button "global warming" issue, (I see you rolling your eyes there, grandpa) it just seems to make sense that the applesauce cup the girls used could be made into more, instead of rotting away in the ground somewhere. And the cereal boxes can be remade into more boxes or whatever- without cutting down more trees. Seems to make sense, yes? Less trash having to find a home, means more places to build homes.... or enjoy or something? Plus, as I threw out two more diapers this morning, I am at least comforted that 'hey, I recycle'. So I'm doing more than nothing! (because there's no way I could be coerced into doing cloth diapers- ewww)


  1. I RECYCLE TOO!!!!! Ryan gets frusterated but it's now to the point where I take the recyclable items out to the bins FOR him- yes, I'm that lame/awesome however you look at it. With the VAST amounts of smartwater bottles (he has to drink them in rookie school) cans of diet coke, I jsut didnt feel good about throwing them away- so I'm with you! yea for recycling!

  2. Good for you Ashley! Everyone recycles here in New York, you have to, its the law.