The General Public.... Nice.

A young woman (like myself) trucking twins around any given public arena is bound to attract more than the usual attention, as I may have mentioned before. Add the fact that the lovely lady is gigantically pregnant, and apparently you are asking for some pretty crazy comments that come out of people's mouths. Most of which are some variation on ".... and you're having another!" The super fun part is the inflections that are accompanied with this phrase. I will outline them here for your entertainment.

"..... and you're having another!"

-said with vim and vigor. Because clearly, my twins are that adorable that a third adorable little being gracing this earth is just the height of peaches and plum pudding. This is always said when the girls are happily in their stroller, have not made a fuss about being in yet another store, and are politely saying "hi" whenever solicited. So I must be super-mommy of the century and should thus create more little bundles of sweetness and joy.

-said with a slight maniacal chuckle. Because clearly, I am in over my head. This naive little blonde (yes, I'm going with blonde) mommy is completely unaware and naive about the chaos and craziness of raising multiple children. I don't know where these people think I have been for the past 3 years... under a rock or something? Yeah, lady. I'm their mother. I pretty much got the picture on what this whole dog and pony show is about. Naivety is pretty much something that waltzed out of the door along with us as we checked out of the maternity wing. I'm pretty much aware that 3 kids 3 and under is not going to look like a frosted cupcake with sparkles on top. But I'm trying to stay positive, dangit! A little help would be nice!

-said with a heaping dose of disdain and judgment. This is 100% used when everyone in the store has heard my screaming mess of toddlers coming from a mile away. I am without makeup, probably crying on the inside, and one more thrown sippie cup away from losing it. So, you wouldn't exactly call the Mother-of-the-Year award committee about me; you may even be tossing around the idea of calling CPS! (yes, I am a screamer) Ok, so you think I'm crazy. (you're not alone- I am also a subscriber to this theory) And while I may look like I live in a cardboard box under the freeway(not showering does that to a person sometimes)... I swear, I can (probably) take care of three kids. And usually, my girls are perfect angels... until we walk into a HomeGoods or Michael's store, apparently.

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