Passive-Aggressive Puppy

Our dog Scotty has never really been a big fan of our new arrivals. (the twins, for those of you not paying attention) In all fairness he was here first. But since the girls' birth he has slid down the ladder of priority quite a bit. And he knows it. Yes, he knows good and well who has usurped all the attention. And he's not afraid to express how he feels about the whole situation:

Yes, that's right. He pees on the girls' stuff. Especially after they have been chasing him around all morning, or poking him with balloon-hats, or trying to give him hugs.... he likes to make sure everyone knows just how unhappy he is- and makes sure someone pays for all the injustice. (usually that person is me- who has to clean up the pee and wash the subsequent items)

So if you know of any nice, unsuspecting families you would like to get revenge on- boy, do we have the dog for you! He's so sweet and innocent looking. He's never overtly aggressive- but he'll let you know when someone has stepped over the line... and there will be yellow puddles.


  1. So are you trying to find a new home for Scotty? He is darling [definitely a mischievous twinkle in his eye!].

  2. If anyone wants the Scotty, (esp. after that post) they can have him!
    Although we are willing to put up with his antics for now. We are also willing to loan him out if you need any extra pee on your household items.

  3. A picture is worth 1,000 words. In this case, toss in a few towels for clean up as well!

    We've been going back & forth about getting a puppy. I'm against, my husband is for it, as well as our 4 kids. I need to show him this post & see if he changes his mind...