Holiday Decorum

Ask me how many holiday decorations I have! Go ahead! I have one tree, two strings of twinkle lights, and exactly four kid-friendly ornaments. That is until today- I now also have five little stockings hung with care.

You see, I am not a holiday decorating kind of person. One look at my parent's house during any given holiday will tell you why. I am not a big fan of lugging in large quantities of heavy boxes from the attic/off-site storage units, tearing apart the house, cleaning and re-decorating said house, all to have a "festive" holiday. Just to have to take it all down and start the process over again. Call me lazy... I call it a "streamlined operation."

But nonetheless, I am proud of my five little stockings. I had all the grandest of ideas to hand-embroider the tops. (my Mom set the bar way too high by hand making all of our stockings) Thankfully, my favorite place in the world has nice little silver letters that I can pin on to monogram them. Awesome.

So there is the extent of my holiday decorating for you- done and done. (well, except for the tree... we are drawing straws as to who has to put it up. Or maybe we just... won't)

And yes, you may be wondering how we- the most undecided naming parents in the world- have a 5th stocking up there complete with monogramming? Well, I would tell you... but then I'd have to kill you...


  1. You have to tell me the name, come on Ashley.

  2. Okay daughter.... we need more clues! Got the first one and am hoping you're NOT naming this baby boy after a character from Disney's Beauty and the Beast... oh dear...

  3. hmmmmmmm. that looks like a "G" on baby's stocking, and, as I recall I suggested a G name when you blogged about having a hard time coming up with a boy's name (the name we would have named our's if it wasn't a girl!). now, i'm dying to know if it is one in the same... =)