Best Ultrasound Ever

The upside to complicated pregnancies? You get to go to a Perinatologist who gives you ultrasounds every month- so your scrapbook can be stuffed with way more adorable, possibly indiscernible images than the other "normal" preggo saps. (hey, you've got to find that silver lining somehow!) And this visit was awesome- not only is craftybaby healthy so far, but we got a cute face picture! Most of the time the face shots are scary, gross, and pretty unnerving... but this one rocks!


  1. Yes, I agree -- very cute! It's those moments that you think, "Oh, this is way I'm doing this." :)

  2. This **is** a great ultrasound! After having twins, we were thrilled to find out (via ultrasound) we were having a singleton. It was a blessed day.