Is the word I would use to describe being an adult. Craptastic. Like now that I'm a grown up, I don't have to take a nap... I would just give an appendage to get the chance to take one. (guilt-free, that is) It's craptastic how many times I complained to my parents that I was bored. My Dad told me once I would someday be glad to be bored. At the tender age of 10, I was sure he would be wrong on that one. Nope.
I thought it would be fun to have my own money to spend on whatever I wanted... until I realized that all you get to spend your money on is bills. Being the CFO of a family is actually work. And not a good job at that... nothing like Candy Tester or Director of Fun... (it's craptastic) I have a system for this bill-paying anyway. I have dubbed most of the bills as ancillary- pretty much everything other than the mortgage and the credit card. And all these subordinate bills get paid once a month. I save them in a stack and then go through and pay each one simultaneously and then never think about them again. (until the next month, obviously)
I frankly do not care when any particular service demands payment by. They are getting paid on the same day of the month as everyone else. They will all be paid- just on my time frame.
The system has worked fine up until now. Apparently Nevada Power gets their panties in a bunch when they don't receive payment by the day they request. Too freakin' bad is what I say! It hasn't been a problem up until now! But this month they made a point to send me a little pink bill with a "10 day termination notice" on it. Ooooooh... I'm shaking in my ballet flats. You already have the payment you requested, and just tacking it on to this next month's balance isn't going to make me pay you any faster. Also, sending me duplicates of said bill is just a waste of paper... and postage. I will not be intimidated out of a perfectly good system. One day a month I worry about you pesky bills... deal with it.

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  1. ashley- this is HILARIOUS! AHHHH nevada ENERGY (Like changing your name makes you more green? I think not!) Ok, I'm commenting on all above said posts- you CRACK ME UP!!! BTW- if ANYONE can handle twins and a newbie- it's you- and you will be/are amazing!!! I tip my hat to you and will join you under the bridge in my own cardboard box with no make up on! hehe- blonde mommmy- I am going to smile all day!