A November-Themed Day

When The Squirt woke up and whispered to me "I no feel good." I knew something about today would be... um, different. Like still in my pajamas at 11am kind of different. Watching copious amounts of TV kind of different. Imagining what may be going on in the outside world kind of different.

A great way to occupy "sick" twins (I use the quotes because no one seems to have any symptoms... just grumpiness and the ability to say yes when asked if they are sick) is to turn on a movie, round up some blankets, and pop some maize... as it's known by the Native Americans. (we're really working up to Thanksgiving!)

And just in case you needed some ethnically insensitive, November-themed video, here ya go:

(Sorry, Indians, for taking your land, giving you small pox, and whatnot. Please try not to be too offended by my toddler. It was just too cute and season-appropriate.)

... And while you are here, can someone puh-leeease tell me just what this grumpy child wants?!
(I am not fluent in Whine yet)



  1. To watch TV!!!! or people not to see me....something like that!

  2. She was watching TV. :( I never did find out what she wanted. Her story seemed to change as things went along.