Nobody Light a Match!

Last night I made dinner on the stove for the girls and I. I was having to go solo because the hubby was working late. And having a cold didn't help. So I hope that establishes the fact that I was a little preoccupied and frazzled.

Well, in the morning I woke up to the smell of gas. But I have pregnancy nose and everything smells funny lately. So I dismissed it. Until this afternoon when I got back from shopping and the gas smell bowled me over as I came in from the garage.

That's right, folks. I had not fully turned the stove off from last night. For a full 18 hours, the gas was building up inside our house. Thankfully, we are all ok and made it through the night!

So the Nerlman Award goes to... me. That's gonna be one hefty gas bill... and the house was a ticking time bomb for a while there...

(and now I'm looking at new fancy stoves on the internet... lusting after this awesome double oven one... oh the love)


  1. no worries! my friend left hers on overnight once (and she wasnt pregnant and her bubby was home) needless to say we do what we can do- glad the bomb is difused now;)

  2. Glad you found the source of the odor. Hooray for super-sensitivt pregnancy senses! (they're a blessing and a curse!).