Halloween Pop Quiz

Books that we find in the $1 bin of our local Target are always stunning pieces of literature. And this season yields one astounding find, "Goodnight, Silly Monsters." I am so amused by what my little scholars interpret the illustrations as. So I am willing to violate some copyright laws to take you on a journey. (Although to try and be fair, the work is copyright 2008 by Piggy Toes Press, Illustrated by Bill Ledger- so stay off my back evil corporate Piggy Toes lawyers)

First up, what creature might this be?
According to Squirt- this is a frog... ribbit, ribbit.

How 'bout this one?
This one had me stumped until Bunny shed some light on the fact that this is, in fact, a cat.

What is this... holding some yummy looking hot chocolate?
No, it is certainly not a pig. It is a rabbit. Yes, Squirt insists it's a rabbit.

And this specimen would be?
Nope! Wrong again! This is apparently also a frog! (obligatory ribbit, ribbit)

Buying these crazy, random cheap books is surely not boring! Perhaps you get what you pay for (but around here books get ragged quite quickly) but it's also entertaining to see what others view as publishable material!

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  1. Oh, Ashley!!! YOU CRACK ME UP! And I totally agree with the girls. They totally NAILED the monsters and what type of animal they are. Genius girls... runs in the family!!