A Few Questions

So, high chair designers...

...what's with all the tiny crevices that are impossible to clean? I know it's not just my specific high chair- you all are guilty of this. There are seriously seams of plastic on the edge of the trays. I literally have to run my fingernails down the seams to get the gunk out. It is disgusting on the best of days. What would be so wrong with a solid peice of high chair plastic? One that would be completely wipe-able?! Oh, wait. Perhaps I should shut my yapper and run on down to the nearest patent office! Million dollar idea, people. Million dollar idea.

Speaking of...

Carpenters... are you searching for an organic composite compound to fill all of the gaps in your... whatever carpenter-y things you make? Well, then you are in luck! Our composite starts out on the plate of a toddler. It is then expertly mashed, squashed, and chemically bonded. It includes all natural, organic material including oatmeal, applesauce, jam, rice, crumbs, and waffle parts. And that is just a small sample of what could possibly be in this stuff. But take note- when dry, this stuff makes for one strong, unyielding compound. It is so strong and stubborn, we will guarantee it will hold even your most teetering and wobbling creations together. Heck, it could practically be made completely of our organic composite compound and dry to the hardness of cement! So call! Order your gallon jug today! We've got plenty!

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