(Big Girl Beds)

Nothing is ever perfect. I've got a few more kinks in the room to iron out, but the girls were ecstatic to have their new beds. So excited, in fact, it took a good two hours to take a nap. So we're running on one hour naps. Not the best scenario- but not the worst! Thanks to the extra tall rails (which are a design eye-sore) the girls have no idea they can climb out of bed! (hip hip HORRAY!)

I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest mom on the planet. They are so tired I expect they will sleep all through the night with no problems. (this is optimistic Ashley speaking- nice to meet you)


  1. WOOHOO!those are beautiful beds- and crossing my fingers they DO sleep well for you tonight;) yea!!!!

  2. I was looking for a bed like that for Rylan a few years ago. Where on earth did you find them?? So very cute!!

  3. Where I found the beds: Random furniture store we waltzed into after we left Ashley Furniture. (where the Costco was a LONG time ago- on Sunset)

  4. That's Aaron's Furniture, they have cute stuff.