Arrr Matey?

Yes, I have now lost my mind planning a "theme" for the nursery. Because hey, I've only got another 4.5 months to get this all straightened out, right?! The husband thinks I have just about lost my mind. But that's beside the point. I have stumbled across some crib bedding that makes me question my decisions. So go ahead, do some browsing and tell me what your vote would be:

What I already have (non-refundable, of course because I've already taken it out and washed it- just to be extra prepared)

What makes me wonder if I should change my mind. I bet pirates would be an original nursery theme! What's even better is that the guest room turned nursery is decorated in a nautical style! Coincidence? I think not.

I had planned on doing something like this, though
But it was harder to find than I had thought, so I canned that idea. Perhaps I should just order it?


  1. Excellent taste on all counts! My "nursery" will be un-nursery-like due to the fact that he'll have to share a room with Jayce. I'm kind of bummed that I can't plan cutsie things like you.

  2. I'd choose the first one, but the pirates are so cute. Tough choice!

  3. Those pirates are too cha-cha for words!! LOL

    We never did a nursery for any of the kids but had we, I would have loved a cute pirate theme like that. It's definitely unique!

    That being said, they're all very cute & I don't think you could go wrong. :)

  4. ahhhh the pirates arrrrrr cute matey but I go with the non-refundable bedding- because well, I'm a cheapskate
    (lately! not always!) hehe- really whatever you decided will be adorable!!!

  5. Does the Pirates theme mean you're hoping for a boy?

  6. Ignore that comment :) I just read your response to the last one! HOW EXCITING!! Did you post about it being a boy? cause i think i would have seen it! hehe. But YAY! I love the pirate one.. Definitely the right theme for a boy :) Boys are awesome :)

  7. My vote is for #3 - I love those blues!

  8. All very cute! Have you checked out Glenna Jean? I l.o.v.e her bedding.

  9. The pirate bedding is "all boy" for sure and with the blue nautical set you could have the best of both.

    The Womb with a View could go either way if my monitor is showing the colors accurately.

    Here's a page that has another pirate set and some ideas for decorations.


    And when you're done, I'd like to invite you to enter your pics in my contest.


  10. You're having a boy! That is so exciting. I like that you have to read all the comments of your blog to find out the exciting updates. Yeah for baby boys.