Getting Sloppy

It has been brought to my attention that I have not "officially" announced that I'm having a boy. My apologies.

So yes, apparently if you have boxes and boxes of double everything pink and frilly, karma can't let you use them! No! You must buy blue, tough, boy things!
Being prepared is overrated for the universe- and quite unacceptable it seems.

I am trying very hard to be excited. Of course I will love the kid. But I am NOT looking forward to trucks, dirt, climbing, and general boy-esque antics. I am far too spoiled with girls who like to sleep (in big girl beds), clean the house, play tidily, and dress in tule. I am anticipating this little boy to be a whirlwind of change that I am wholly not prepared for. A clean freak simply cannot have a child who likes to play in the mud. It may just short circuit my brain.

But I am excited. I'm excited... really... I'm trying.


  1. You may have a clean boy- who knows? Ryan is a VERY clean boy (yea for me:) and if nothing else, hose him off before he comes in the house and let him dry off- then clean him real good IN the house- it won't be bad- promise- the universe knew your house had a lot of estrogen and was trying to help Logan out-lol! Now Logan can go play in the dirt too- no worries:)

  2. Its not so much the mud as it is the wrestling and jumping from the highest point, walking on all fours, oh and sheer destruction of property. Boys are a blast!

  3. You know, I have to say, Alyssa is quite the instigator -- she's much more into things than Jayce. I'll admit that both of my kids are pretty good, but if there's a disaster, it's Alyssa who's caused it. Jayce is much more mild and strives to stay and be clean. So don't fall into the trap of generalities -- you never know! p.s. Boys are fun!

  4. I cried the first time I found out I was having a boy, but the second time around I was good with it. Boys are fun, loving, and crazy all into one! Don't worry about the dirt thing because in Vegas there isn't very much of it to worry about.