Delicate Matters

It's 8:45 am... silence. The girls are still sleeping. I don't think an anomaly like this has ever occurred in our house!

I am at a loss of words! (which for me is very peculiar)

Do I wake them? Does this mean naps are out of the question? Why aren't I still sleeping as well?

.... and do you think they'd notice if I snuck out and got a Del Taco burrito? (that may border on bad parenting, though it's tempting!)*

I'll go wake them up... well, maybe I should give them until 9... or perhaps I should let them decide when it's morning...

*To clarify, I certain brother of mine would have been home. Asleep, but home. I haven't completely lost it.


  1. Hehehe.. Isn't tempting to be able to go do something real quick while the children (child on my part) sleeps.. hehe.. Bad parenting- yes, very tempting- yes!

    Random- isn't it close to the time where you can find out if its a boy or girl??? :)