Things that are making me lazy...

(and how successful they are on a scale of 1-10)

The Microwave: I was a snob, made my own mac & cheese by hand, from scratch. Now I simply can't resist the frozen dinner isle- dinner for both the kids in 3 minutes?! Um, yes please! (I still refuse to make the powdered cheese kind, though. So that's something)
Effectiveness: 4

Method Daily Shower Cleaning Spray: I know this probably does zero amount of real cleaning. But it does help me feel better about not scrubbing down the shower every week.
Effectiveness: 2

Backup camera on the bumper: I have lost all of my mad driving ability due to this little camera. I am convinced that all our future cars MUST under ANY circumstances have a back up camera. If we don't- I'm pretty sure I will hit someone or something EVERY time I back out of a parking spot. (or shut the garage door on the back of my car- it's the little things that keep you from insanity)
Effectiveness: 8

The DVR: It's a hundred times easier to not mop the floor when I have all of my favorite shows just begging me to watch them. I also consider watching the shows and deleting it from the queue "cleaning" up my DVR! It's important to have a clean queue. Very important. Right?
Effectiveness: 10


  1. DVR DEFINATELY deserves a 10- best invention ever. I know there was a time before when I 'lived' without it- was it really 'living' or being a slave to theTV scehdule- the DVR has given me FREEDOM! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Stuaffers makes a yummy mac and cheese;)