For the Men

Here's a tip for you. Your pregnant, tired, and kinda fat wife just may not want a Daisy Fuentes Pilates Wii game for her birthday. Some things you should think about when wanting to purchase said Wii game in the aisle of the store:

1. Would this be in any way construed as a hint that you think she is too fat and need to loose some weight now or soon after a baby is born? (this is quite possibly the worst scenario that you could be in)

2. What pregnant woman wants to watch the unfairly thin Daisy Fuentes trot around the screen while she will unboubtedly be fat for the next 9 mos? Have I used the word "unfair" yet, here?

3. When she's pregnant, pilates probably isn't the best idea anyway.

4. If you really still want to go through with it- just don't. It's a terrible way to say "Happy Birthday" to your loving wife and mother of your children.

Good thing I found Logan's ill-hid birthday stash and promptly returned the offending gift for another one and put it back in the bag, and back in it's hiding place. Perhaps someone will take the hint. (wink, wink)


  1. I haven't commented on your blog in forever. Let me reassure you, though, that my love and appreciation for your witty anecdotes lives on...actually grows more and more with each post. So, um...the weather's been nice, eh? Hehe...I take it from your subtle comments that you're not a desert heat fan! But that's just me reading between the lines...I'm very astute that way! Ha!

  2. That is hilarious! Well done :)

  3. ohhhh snap! its like a gym membership- just don't go there- I'm perfect remember? you crack me up!!!!

  4. When is your birthday and why don't know when it is??

  5. Ha..you seriously switched it out?! That is HILARIOUS!