Special Morning Treat

There's just nothing like waking up at 6am to the loud, robust serenade of a mexican Barry Manilow blaring in through the window accompanied by a hammering quartet in the back ground.

Fortunately for me, the music selection has moved onto a frightening rendition of a circus polka.

I think when the roach coach pulls in down the street announcing traveling homemade burritos for lunch I am going to scale the back wall on a secret mission to hunt and destroy that stereo. Never in my life have I wished to totally annihilate a small electronic device more than today.

Living amongst construction may rank quite far up there in a list of "clever ways to drive Ashley to insanity."

1 comment:

  1. When we lived in San Diego, we lived up on a hill. There were always fiestas down the hill (miles away, mind you) and the music would just waft up into our window. We pretty much only heard the beat of (and Jason does it best- ask him sometime) "dum, dum... dum, dum..." "Circus Polka" almost made me have a convulsion from part laughter and part flashback! If you need an accomplice, I will help you scale the wall- a preggers should not be involved in that activity!