Our Own Backyard Jungle

I guess when I take a morning sickness hiatus from the housework, that gives the hubby a free pass to do the same? Should have known about that one before I started letting the laundry go. (seriously, there are four baskets of clean laundry that we all just pick through when it's time to get dressed in the morning- yep, a little peek at the inner workings at our house!)

The lawn has not been mowed in months. I would venture a guess of at least six months. (but not to worry- I have received a promise that a certain husband of mine is doing it tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. If it's not done by sundown tomorrow I'm doing it myself! (then he'll really get an earful!)

So anyway, back to the point. Peaches can quite literally hide in the longness of the grass. She loves it. And it was cute, so I took about 5 million pictures of it. Here's a few:


  1. Haha! Looks like ours after all this rain we've gotten. But Im thinking about forgetting I have a yard till next week ;).

  2. That is the cutest little puppy I have ever seen! Love those pictures!!

  3. ahhhh we had our own backyard jungle at the townhouse- it got to a point when it was esaier to move;) Peaches is adoreable- and don't you dare mow that lawn! (PS we have four landry baskets of clean clothes at our house too- and sometimes its straight from the dryer...)

  4. I love your new blog face! So cute! And that puppy is the cutest thing [aside from my puppy!] EVER!