Toys for My Tots

I was introduced to Learning is Fun today. When I thought of a school supply store I thought of flashcards, crazy classroom decorations, etc. (basically stuff I don't really need)

I. Was. So. Wrong.

There was more Melissa & Doug stuff than I could have ever imagined. I could have easily drained my bank account at that store! (although it would keep the kids vastly entertained) I had to use an unusual amount of restraint. Now I am at an impasse. We're going to get the girls something big and fun for Christmas/Birthday. I had originally planned to get them a kitchen set. Like this one.

But the girls got to play with a train set at Learning is Fun and had a blast. So now I'm thinking about a train set. And of course, the matching table.

So I'm taking a small poll. Which one? (and if you say both, you will be promptly invited to my house to show me where to fit it all)


  1. LOVE the kitchen! I didn't know they made them that big. Plenty of room for both of them & there's no daily/hourly assembly on mom or dad's part like there would be with those train tracks. The trains are fun but the kitchen would be my first pick. Great price, too!

  2. I like both of them. My girls have played for hours with their kitchen and haven't played so much with the train set we have. Maybe that is because the little one takes all the pieces and runs. Have you ever been to Lakeshore Learning on Warm Springs and Stephanie behind Jason's Deli? That store if fun too!

  3. That is a tough one... my kids still play with both. Norah was infatuated with trains, but that translated nicely to Evan. The kitchen is a hit with all kids. Hmmm, better clear out a couch... :-)

    PS LOVE the new blog design!

  4. Go for the trains, in a few years they can help you cook in the real kitchen, but when will they ever be able to drive trains?

  5. ohhhhh tough!!!! that kitchen is vastly marvelous! the train set is awesome too! ahhhh! either way I think you'll be golden (and dang Melissa and Doug- they're killin' me!) isn't Learning Is Fun fabulous? Wait til Lakeshore- ahhh! the awesomeness! Oh- and I need to go to LIF again- I forget to get journals- so anytime you feel up to venturing there let me know (and leave the wallet at home;) jk- oh who needs a dining room table anyhow right?;)not me- ha ha!