How to potty train twins:

1. Make sure your husband is home before you attempt to roll up the rug- it may weigh a million pounds and be completely un-movable for a weak pregnant lady.

2. Run to Target and get the "supplies." (because you know you're going there at some point anyway)

3. Watch out, the twins may become totally enamored with the froggie potties- and sit on them all day (pre-training, of course!)

4. When you buy big girl undies- hide them. They need to be washed. Do not, under any circumstances give kids something they can only have "for a little while" before you put them in the washer. (and because I know you're curious, The Squirt picked Hello Kitty undies, and Bunny picked Dora the Explorer undies)

5. Pretty much hide everything. Trying to hype up the potties will only end in tears when you say "We'll start tomorrow!"

Note to self: by some Lysol... this could get messy. Ewww.

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  1. I have to say potty training is overrated. There are many times that I would rather change my daughters diaper than be running in a panic trying to find a potty. So there is a give and take. Good Luck we tried potty training like 3 times and then just let her do it on her own and it worked great! Don't stress too much it will happen.