A Big Fat Chicken

My original plans for today:

Roll up all the rugs
Run to Target for:
2 Kiddie Potties
M&M's for a reward
Big girl undies
... but I'm a big fat chicken. I'm not sure if I want the girls potty trained. Most of you who have camped with me know I do not do public restrooms. So the girls' new found potty abilities may be a problem. I am not looking forward to dealing with the kiddie potties (especially when so queasy). But the idea of changing fewer diapers is appealing.

... Perhaps tomorrow!


  1. Babies R Us has a car potty - it is way little but, in my opinion, so much better than a germ filled public restroom. We used ours often while training - good luck!

  2. Sounds scary!! Good luck...and hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. Hey there Ashley!!
    so I am lame and don't remember your email... could you email me when you get a chance. :o) love ya!!

  4. awww good luck!!!! fewer diapersis better! and there's always tiolet paper and toilet seat covers for public restorooms- although that's nearly as much work as diapers- good luck!:)