Early Success!

9:45am: Someone used the potty! (since both girls have been in and out, I'm not sure exactly which one it was- so they both got a treat)

Is the potty training working?! Could it really be this easy?! (I'm guessing not)


  1. woohoo! what a great start though no? sure there may be some bumps along the way but fantastic start!yea!

  2. I hope it's that easy for you! Alyssa was a breeze, but she took the lead and I just kind of followed along. However, on our long road trip yesterday I hated the restroom stops! Miserable! I was about to die from being grossed out. Seriously, I was begging for diapers at the point. I'm happy she's trained, but this new-found ability brings about awkward moments. Anyway, don't ask me why I'm rambling on about this -- I guess it's been on my mind. :)