Some Whistleblowing

As some of you may have heard- I am ridiculously fed up with all the construction in our neighborhood! It has gotten worse as some (idiot) decided that we needed to add jackhammers to the equation- and do it right by my front door... during naptime... and blocking me in my driveway during the day... and making my pregnant already grumpy self all the more peeved.

So I snapped. And when I snap- you don't want to be there. I got on my hot little computer, tracked down one of those local news investigative reporters and wrote them quite an email. I don't know who is paying for all this unnecessary annoyingness, but they are going to get an investigative reporter on their tail- and a bunch of bad-publicity. Don't come between a tired pregnant lady and her kids' blessed naptime!

My case:

Do you see the proximity of the already jackhammered
concrete to my freakin' front door?

A close up! Mind you, I put my trash can on that water main cover twice a week for trash day, and I happen to know there was nothing wrong with the surrounding concrete. Nothing.
I'll keep you posted so you can tune into my crazy self ranting and raving on the big TV! Yay!


  1. Dude, didn't you whistleblow on something else a few years back? Im having this memory of you on TV for some reason!! :) But you go girl...stuff like that shouldn't be tolerated!

  2. Good job, Ashley!! I need lessons from you for being more assertive.

  3. You are right, Sarah! I was on the news quite a few years ago about car dealerships and their scams.

    And Lisa- there is nothing better than complaining to incompetent organizations and have them fix stuff. It's usually only an email that will do it. :)

  4. yaoza! you go girl- and I hope I'm never there when you whistleblow!:) can't wait to hear the update!